About Linky.co:

Dont you hate it when you register a new username at a service and your username is already taken? You'll be afraid that people will not be able to recognize you or lose track of your accounts.. Maybe you dont know which account to choose when you are promoted to put a link to your website?

Well, your problem is solved! just create a page at Linky.co and add all your links at one place, making it easier to present your links all over other websites. Increase your friends or followers by picking your interests so new people can find you accourding to what you chose.

Linky.co is in Beta.

Founder & Core Implementaion:  Badr

Badr D - Riyadh

Interested in Software Development & design, System Engineering, video games, TV shows, Rock music and other stuff. A Software Engineering student at KSU.

Special Thanks To:  LinCov

For his contributions and efforts in graphics design.

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